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Consistency in advertising for effective positioning

By: Avinash Narula

Every document you produce should look like it is part of your advertising and promotional material both in terms of design as well as in what it says. It should not be stand-alone piece, that is, it should not look completely different. So when you place all your advertising and promotional material like business cards, letterheads, posters and brochures next to each other, they should display some common elements and/or theme running through each of them. This common element and/or theme could be anything. It could be the company logo placed at a common place, type faces, colors, line styles or any other design element.

When you are designing any advertising and promotional material, it would be better to stick to the basic design / style that represents the design / style of your other advertising and promotional material. This makes the designing task not only easy but also results in building a distinctive identity for your company and brands.

Many a times, I have come across clients who want to develop different advertisements with a different theme and message every time they want to release advertisements. If what you say and show to your customers and potential customers is different every time, he is bound to be confused. Also, such an approach does not help you in positioning your company or brand in an effective manner. It is of paramount importance that you are consistent in what you say and show in your advertising and promotional material. You cannot contradict yourself.

When you bring inconsistency in what you say in different pieces of advertising and promotional material, you also distort your story. A distorted story will confuse your customer and ultimately he will not buy your product or service.

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