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Advantages & disadvantages of a brochure

By: Avinash Narula

Brochures have certain advantages as an advertising and promotional material which is why a large number of companies develop them. These are:

1. You have total control over what is said and how it is said.

2. You control where your brochure is placed as well as who gets it.

3. Brochures are flexible as you can choose the type of printing, paper and size to fit your budget and marketing needs.

However, there are certain disadvantages of brochures which are as follows:

1. Distribution of brochures to a small target audience is economical but the cost would be prohibitive when used to target a mass audience. Other types of advertising and promotional material and media may be more economical for reaching a large audience.

2. If there is a change in information related to your business, the brochure will become outdated resulting in waste of money.

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